Doomtown Card Explorer - Card Search / Deck Building / Analysis Tool

Hey guys. Back in the Classic days, I had written a card inventory / management / deckbuilding / searching program for Windows that I called the Doomtown Card Explorer.

It was a repository or cards, rulings, errata and let you search for cards for deck building in a wide variety of ways.

Well, I’ve re-written it for the new Doomtown and I’m pretty much ready to release it to the wild. I wrote this thing for me, because I wanted it. Since it’s functional (I hope), I’m sharing it with everyone else.

For those people who want to know such things, it is written using Embarcadero Delphi, SQLite 3 database to hold the card data. Pretty much all self contained, but does write a few entries to your registry to keep track of such things as window sizes and positioning for a couple of the key forms. Also the paths to card images, card database and decks.

It can save decks in a text file to read back into the program and also save out to the format that OCTGN uses, as well as reading in OCTGN save files to load back into the program.

Installation is simple, download the file from the google drive link below, unzip it somewhere (preferably keeping the directory structure for best results) and have at it.

If you have any questions, comments, bug reports, find errors in the data or wish to request a feature, send me a private message.

And before people ask, yes I have heard of dtdb, have used it lots and love it. But if your internet’s out, it’s not much help, so this is all local :slight_smile:

Google Drive Link: Doomtown Card Explorer Reloaded - Google Drive

(Will also cross post to Facebook, BGG & Discord).

Hope you enjoy it.


Bug Fix already. Basic filtering on card Value K for King returned no cards. Fixed. A patch file has been posted to the google drive. Extract the original, extract the patch over the top of it.

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Bug Fix the second!

For those using it / interested - just posted a new patch version for the Doomtown Card Explorer program. Several logic fixes for selecting your starting dudes to account for Quaterman, The Wretched, The Harvester, Xioadan Li and Denise Brancini. New file has been added to the dropbox, download it and extract it over the top of the base install.


Hey there Pardners.

Database for this program has been updateed for HCWM

Get it here: Doomtown Card Explorer Reloaded - Google Drive

You can extract it over the top of the original install. (What’s changed? New database file, new images for HCWM).


Newly updated for Welcome to Deadwood.

Download and install over the existing installation if you already use it, if you don’t and you’re new, just unzip it somewhere and it should be ready for use.

Available here: Doomtown Card Explorer Reloaded - Google Drive


With many thanks to Lapp (for everything) and DrCthulhu (for the images) the Weird West Edition of the Doomtown Card Explorer (Windows Card Database Program and Deckbuilder) is available.

If you’re into that kind of thing, you can get it here: Doomtown Card Explorer Reloaded - Google Drive

Download the file, unzip it (over the top of a previous install is fine) and run the executable.

List of changes for this release:

  • Added cards for Weird West Edition
  • Added extra column to database for indication of Most Recently Printed (MRP)
  • Added column to grid to display MRP
  • Added filter to search for MRP cards only on Basic Filter Form
  • Added ismrp to list of columns on Advanced Filter Form
  • Updated card image for Bai Yang Chen (Exp 1) to allow attachment of Kung Fu cards
  • Review Grid Form title updated to contain Era of Play (WW or OT) and if showing MRP Only or not
  • Determination of Weird West era is by card id >= ‘19001’ - doesn’t have a database column for that.
  • Modified way in which card grid is built as a performance enhancement
  • Updated Help screenshot and documentation to reflect form changes in this release
  • Deck Builder added option to save a file in format suitable to load into Doomtown Online deck builder.

The file output to paste into Doomtown Online for a deck is a little wonky. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t (for reasons I can’t quite understand). If you have a deck that won’t load please send me the saved dek file and I’ll see if I can work out where my database differs from DTO.

If you find any bugs, incorrect data or anything else, please feel free to drop me a note.


Original Sun in Yer Eyes shows Auction card.
Auction entry shows Good Stuff Drink card.
Good Stuff Drink entry shows Sun in Yer Eyes card.

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Thank you for the bug report.

If you go to the link above and re-download the file, I’ve just uploaded a version with the database fixed for those three cards.

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The Oriental Saloon is missing “saloon” in its name.

Thanks for the report. I’ve fixed it and uploaded a new version in thee google folder.

I’ve just uploaded a newer version of the program with the recently release errata and associated card images for Ambush and Judge Harry Somerset (Exp 1). Available at the link above.

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Thanks for a great tool. About sorting. I see i can just doubleclick on some columns to sort by this stat, but would be also helpful to add a possibility to use additional column as second filtering priority (by pressing shift or control while clicking title).

Hmmm, I’ll have to think about that, because at the moment, the columns that cause a sort are directly mapped to the 7 predefined sort options.

ID does ID
Name does Name
Value does Value/Suit
Suit does Suit/Value
Type does Type/Name

The Sort menu option gives a few more.

Do you have other sort options you prefer ? Or you just trying to add in a custom sort for as needed ?

I completely overlooked Sort menu. It’s ok for me i think.

Prof Aloysius Roe has Kung Fu skill in database instead of Mad Scientist.

If you save a deck from deckbuilder into plain text file there’s no way to load it later for further modifications?

Saving to a text file is a one way affair. There are buttons at the bottom of the deck builder to save the deck so it can be reloaded later. I’ll fix the DB a little later and get a new version loaded.

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New version uploaded to the google drive link above.

  • Fixed Prof Aloyius Roe
  • Judge Henry Somerset Exp.1) can no longer be added to decks as a starting dude
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DT2 Mahogany Jackson version is missing “” in her name.

Uploading a new version with the corrected card in it now. Thanks for your continued feedback!

DT2 This Will Hurt in the Mornin’ has typo (“g’”)
Mongwau the/The Mighty - two sizes of “t”
Make’E/em Sweat - two sizes of “'e”
DT2 Bio Charged Neutralizer is missing “d”
DD Baird’s Build & Loan uses “and”