Doomtown collection for sale :(

The community in my area has sadly become non existant. I am putting this out for sale in case someone might be interested. feel free to contact me if interested via BGG. | GeekMarket

This includes the following expansions:
Faith and Fear
Immovable Object, Unstopable Force
The Light Shineth
New Town, New Rules
Double Dealin’
Election Day Slaughter
Frontier Justice
No Turning Back
Nightmare At Noon

Also included are a number of promo alt art cards, deck tins, and a playmat:
Carters Bounties x4
Circle M Ranch x1
Felix Amador autographed by artist
Joker x2
Mustang x2
One Good Turn x10
Pistol Whip x4
Rumors x2
Stephen Wiles x4
The Stakes Just Rose x2
Walk the Path autographed by artist
William Specks autographed artist

Decktins: Gen Con '14, Law Dog, Sloane

Playmat: Jackson’s Strike

Don’t give up!

hm… but if you do, you don’t sell the promos separately, right? Would love some Pistol Whip alt-art…

but don’t give up, get on OCTGN and weather the loneliness for a bit, game is too good :wink:


I also hope you don’t need to quite, but I understand the reality…

If you do end up splitting out the promos and all, I would also be interested in some!

I purchased this, and several others lots. Now I have plenty of stuff to get rid of. Contact me if you have interest in the promo cards!

I’m looking for a few of the saddlebag expansions if you have them for sale seperately.

Your friendly local game store should be able to order these for you.

I’ve already sold this lot.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve already purchased all of the cards for the game this week. I’m just looking for promos now since I will have to collect them all.


Telll’em Patrick sent ya!

This is a little off topic, but I wanted to thank plmrelm for the link to Roku-Mart. I placed my first order and I’m awaiting my cards.