Doomtown db registration issue

Last week, I registered to join the Doomtown db site, and was told I would receive an e-mail verification, but have never received it. When I attempt to log in, the page says the account is disabled, which makes sense.

Not exactly sure how to contact Platypus for help on this. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Did you check your spam folder?

Good idea, but I just checked and sadly nothing there.

If you’re interested in my experiences: I’m from germany and couldn’t get any confirmation email while using any .de TLD email address, so I switched to one of my .com TLD addresses and received a confirmation, so the problem seems to originate there somehow.

You are a genius! I used my wife’s Gmail account (.com) and immediately received the confirmation. My own e-mail is a .net! To quote John Lennon: “Strange days indeed.”

happy to help