Doomtown Excel Tourney Software

Hi all, just so you have it easily, here is the link to the Doomtown Excel spreadsheet written by a good friend of mine, Chris.

Doomtown Tourney Excel Spreadsheet

Please note the following:

  1. It is written in Excel, not Open Office, not Sheets, not Lotus 1-2-3, but Excel. If you don’t use Excel it probably won’t work

  2. You need to enable macros, from what I understand from someone who tried it, if you haven’t registered Excel the macros don’t work

Chris also updates the spreadsheet on request, please be nice to him he doesn’t even play Doomtown and did this for me.

All the tourney tiebreak rules are built into the software and this sheet has successfully been used at the Birmingham UK Expo event and others.



Now to figure out how to take this and turn it into a web app. :wink:

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Web apps are fine, as you then don’t need software installed. One advantage of this is you don’t need Internet once it’s downloaded, pros and cons.

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This is fantastic. I’ll be using it for a while.