Doomtown Falling Rock Deckbuilding site more than 500 new cards

Some time last year I mirrored and added all of the falling rock cards ( up to the last few sets. (find the site at

Falling Rock added nearly 600 new cards to the game that are surprisingly good and seem relatively balanced considering they’re all fan made. I find them functionally very playable and especially enjoyable around the holidays (There are holiday themed outfits). But really some mechanics are just badass like Crow Familiars, Blood Counters, etc.
There’s an outfit and several builds themed around Harlots! I mean, you got to have prostitutes in the old west!! And let me tell you son, you don’t want to tangle with a Harlot in the wrong way!

Just as I was getting into it, AEG dropped Doomtown. I think I had about 10 accounts registered then poof… Nothing. Absolutely zero interest. To put it clearly, the site costs me money to run. If no one is interested in using it at all I’m nearly to the point where I’ll just run it at home on a virtual machine.

The shipping notification for the kickstarter got me interested again so I just finished inputing the last card from the fan-card Falling Rock series.

Over the next 3 months or so if there is any interest at all I plan to do a few more things.

-I’ll add all of the newer pinebox cards, update the rules, and spruce up regardless… This is mostly for me.

-If more than 20 people register and seem to be using the site I’ll start looking into adding a print-a-deck option in the site so you can home-print paper errata and the falling rock cards to use sleeved in your current doomtown decks. Something to use all those extra copies of crap cards for. The basic gist is that you’ll arrange your deck on the site and click something that will allow you to print the falling rock cards and errata cards on 8.5/11 at home. Then you would cut these out and sleeve them with regular cards for play. Or hell. Go to printer studio and get the real thing as instructed on

-If enough people stay interested I will fix misspellings and errata on the falling rock cards and balance based on community input.


Awesome to see you have some renewed interest. I love theory crafting with Falling Rock even if I will likely never play with the cards, but it’s practically impossible to theory craft decks without a dtdb.


To add to this, in my last few Octgn games I’ve found that the old “collected rulings” page of was more helpful than the current pinebox forums or new collected ruling section.

I think what makes it more useful is that it contained specific rulings on cards as well as the details of nuanced actions like spell pulls etc.

I think the new rules are fair but the rulebook is a little tough to navigate when you’re in the middle of a game and there’s some pesky detail you forgot and need to look up.

Anyway, I was thinking of adding a “rulings” section above the “card reviews” on This would be open source so it could be adopted at Basically it would be a wiki where the current employees and rule team at pinebox would be top moderators and the community would fall in line in order of dtdb site participation. A ruling on a particular card could be typed and uploaded, and, if uploaded by the community would be ranked by community vote + author’s site participation until such a time as someone from pinebox’s ruling team signed off on it. Either the current top community ruling or officially sanctioned Pinebox ruling would get a special spot on the card’s “page” just above reviews. Anyone previously authoring or voting for a rule would optionally (default) be notified if a new ruling was uploaded, prompting them to change their votes if the felt it was appropriate.

The entry seen on the card page would have a few fields. One to tell you if this was official or a community ruling. Another text field for the ruling(s) and effects, another text field for errata text, and a final field for the date it was uploaded.

Entry for rulings will also include boxes for sources pointing back to the pinebox rules forum or otherwise that indicated this was the new rule.

Finally beneath the rulings would be a few buttons. One would link to the 5 or 10 previous community versions and these would roll off after a certain amount of time until only one community rule remained. (Say 3 years). It would highlight if there was a community rule that was newer than the official sanction. Another to request a ruling would be a link forwarding the user to pinebox’s forum. And finally one to submit a new ruling.