Doomtown GenCon Online 2021 Marshal Badge Round-Up

Sign ups have begun and will conclude when the event begins on October 22, 2021

*Matches will be timed at 75 minutes by default (to make up for extra technology-laden slowness, especially to be more friendly to folks who are new to Doomtown Online). But if the 2 players agree, they can make any time limit they wish, or none at all. NOTE: You may pause this time if a Rules inquiry is needed and can be done so by asking questions in the #dt-rules channel on the Doomtown Discord.

*Players will have 1 week to complete their match up. Pairings will be posted on Lotus Pavilion and linked here and on Discord each week.

*Players must use the deck list submitted in the Google form for all their matches and changes will not be permitted from week to week. We encourage everyone to publish their decklist after the event for the benefit of the community.

*If 2 players cannot find a time that meets their schedule, we’ll do our best to work with them. If we have to delay the next round a little, that’s probably ok as long as there is some hope for a match in a reasonable time, but we’ll take it as it comes.

*However, if one player either does not respond at all, or consistently has zero availability, they will be marked as a loss.

*If both players do not respond or report in for the whole week they will be dropped from the event.

*Default game mode is Doomtown Online ( TTS, OCTGN, Untap, etc, are not acceptable as we are no longer officially supporting these platforms.

*If a game crashes and the game state cannot be recreated, the match will be replayed. Please report this immediately on the #development channel on Discord.

*This event will last for 5 Rounds of swiss (5 weeks) and a cut to Top 8, and will go directly into the Marshall Badge: Fate of Al Swearengen Online Storyline tournament using Weird West Edition cards in late December.

*Following previous GenCon Badge Events, the Winner of this Event will work with the Design Team to design their own card that will be featured in a future Doomtown expansion. All other participants will receive promotional cards for their participation. The winner will also receive the Marshal Badge.

*This Online event is Free to play in, as you are continuing to help us in feedback for development of Doomtown Online.

*You can report your match by tagging user ‘Lapp’ in the Doomtown Discord. We encourage players to report their match in a narrative format as a fun way to share the outcome of the game.


Round 1 is live!

Sauronsbeagle, Protection Racket
TheHuffDaBeast, Morgan Gadgetorium
Deputy_Melnyk, Smith & Robards Trade Show
Dreamy, Law Dogs w/Lacy O’Malley
Entrican, The Fourth Ring
TybarSunsong, Smith & Robards Trade Show
Ledgerman, The Arsenal w/Darius Hellstromme
Hehasmoments, Bayou Vermilion Railroad
Caelreth, The Santorium
JRBookman, Property is Theft
Ironcache, Full Moon Brotherhood
RS Doom, Jonah’s Alliance
DeputyWay, Protection Racket
RogueDakotan, Protection Racket
Maikiro, Law Dogs
Doomsday, 108 Drunken Masters
GDIAinsley, Oddities of Nature
VGC1205, Fort 51
Prodigy, Morgan Gadgetorium
Antaiseito, Abram’s Crusaders


Players are on the final round of swiss! Current pairings are here


Top 8!
Which side of the Gadgets will prove victorious?
Morgan Gadgetorium mirror match?!?
Anarchists take on the Fourth Ring!
Abominations invade the Sanitorium!

TybarSunsong, Smith & Robards Trade Show v. Ledgerman, The Arsenal w/Darius Hellstromme

Prodigy, Morgan Gadgetorium, TheHuffDaBeast, Morgan Gadgetorium

JRBookman, Property is Theft, Entrican, The Fourth Ring

GDIAinsley, Oddities of Nature, Caelreth, The Santorium


Oddities of Nature advance to Top 4; deck lists thread updated


The Fourth Ring advances to the finals as one bracket was able to continue.

Oddities Top 4 list:


@TybarSunsong and @Pr0digy advance to Top 4.

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Prodigy (Morgan Gadgetorium) and Entrican (The Fourth Ring) played the finals.

Prodigy is the victor with Morgan Gadgetorium taking the final pre-Weird West Edition digital Badge Round-Up!

Video to follow.

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