Doomtown Music?

You probably know the drill. What kind of music puts you in the mood for some Doomtown, or what do you have playing in the background while you game?

I’m partial to a bit of Ghoultown

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I tend to either play TheBossHoss or Dezperadoz from proper bands, or the soundtrack to the Outlaws game :slight_smile:

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I fall back on a lot of classic spaghetti western soundtracks and surf music. Dick Dale, Surfcoasters, the Tornadoes, etc.

Both in youtube and spotify are Deadlands playlists. Check them out. Or western film playlists.

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Second the Outlaws soundtrack - great music for playing Doomtown.

Soundtracks for:
The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
Once Upon a Time in the West
The Quick and The Dead (theme)
For A Fistful of Dollars
For a Few Dollars More…


Myself I have listened to Henhouse Prowlers when building decks mostly Morgan because I kinda seeing them throwing some kind of shindig with bluegrass as the musical entertainment. Then Eagles Desperado ever since Lawrance confessed.

Here’s a compilation of a lot of spaguetti and classic western themes… very epic!

Part 1:

Also i like the more thematic classic style of the bluegrass, i found this nice tribute to Crosby Still Nash & Young in the classic bluegrass instrumental style:
Its kinda different, more relaxing, maybe for the deckbuilding :wink:

The Red Dead Redemption soundtrack is absolutely fantastic on its own, but I also have custom spotify playlists created for Deadlands sessions.


Wow, its a great soundtrack! thanks for the tip!

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I have a pandora station started with Sinnerman for deadlands. A few other things seeded as well.

Can you share it somehow?

Gah, I posted this earlier but not as a direct reply. Apologies. There are three playlists - Quiet, Middle and Combat, but as I’m a new user the forum isn’t taking too kindly to me trying to link to all three. I’ve posted the one that works best for Doomtown, namely Middle Deadlands, but you should be able to find the others through my Spotify profile. Middle Deadlands - playlist by sheetbike | Spotify


I appreciate it. I’m running a Deadlands: Classic campaign at the moment and want music to go with it.


Pinnacle released a Deadlands soundtrack many years ago, if you can find it. Also the board game Shadows in Brimstone comes with a cool weird west soundtrack.

I can’t hear Bon Jovi’s Wanted Dead or Alive or Blaze of Glory without thinking of westerns (for obvious reasons).

Perhaps those should get added to a soundtrack?

The less lyrics the better, so Dead or Alive isn’t something I would want. I use Purgatory Hill and the Sons of Anarchy OST for good mood music.

They actually released two! I think the other is called Aces and Eights. I have both CDs somewhere.

Les Claypool.

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Not even Legendary Holster can stop Lee Van Cleef!