Doomtown Online League Deck Lists

This thread is for the community to post deck lists from the recent online league.

Harold Medford was the victor with Bayou Vermilion featured here:

We encourage everyone that participated in the league to post their lists here!


I managed to get in some games during the league and sticking with the abomination theme above, this was the Encroaching Darkness build I’ve been enjoying:

Not much to it, 2/3/8 structure with the off suits being abominations or with the theme. Angler helps cycle your hand and can set up a home call out with your werewolf backups pushing an end game. The key to the home is to just use it as a discount and go in for the ability when you can get your opponent in check.

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That looks super fun! Pretty much zero experience with the Angler, did you get to use him much? Or at least threaten his potential use?

The threat is good but really it’s the card cycle option. Also with the low values at times discarding one of the high suit off values is necessary to trigger the outfit ability since the Abom value has to be higher than the target.

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I played several different decks in the league:

Cheap Tricks & Discount Clowns
Zhu Fu Retribution
Rollin’ with Grace