Doomtown Online: Revolver Tournament

Doomtown Online Revolver Tournament

Now accepting registration for the next online event: Doomtown Online Revolver Tournament.


  1. When signing up (send DM to Aussie_Scum on Discord) specify 6 different homes you plan on playing (one for each faction). That is, one home each from each of Anarchists, Entrepreneurs, Law Dogs, Outlaws, Fearmongers and First People
  2. Pairings will be posted at High Noon on Wednesdays, US MDT (UTC-6) and will last one week. Results will be due to be reported by Wednesdays at 9AM US MDT (UTC-6). When pairings are made a random die roll will be made to determine which of your 6 homes you’ll be using in that match. Once used, that home will not be used again during Swiss rounds.
  3. There will be 6 rounds of Swiss pairings (because of 6 factions).
  4. Player points will be awarded as 3 points for a win, 0 for a loss and 1 each for a draw as per standard floor rules.
  5. Rounds should be timed for 75 minutes.
  6. Decks should Weird West Edition format legal.
  7. After 6 rounds we will cut to a final 4 or 8 (depending upon signups).
  8. During finals, when pairings are made, a random roll will again be made for each round of finals to determine which home you will use.

Registration begins now and ends at 9AM US MDT, Wednesday, April 26, 2023
First round of play begins at High Noon (US MDT) on the same day (April 26).

See you in Town Square, partner.