Doomtown outlaw series - spring 2016


Howdy folks! At last I finally get to present my fellow Doomies with a project that’s
been discussed for some time now. As many of you know, the fan base for
Doomtown is very passionate about the game, and I was given the
opportunity to discuss this in length with Mark Wootton this past
Gencon. Now that the New Year has begun, I know you cowfolk are
hankerin’ for some events. Without further ado, I’d like to let you in
on some of what 2016 has in store for Doomtown: Reloaded.

The “Gomorra Community Council” consists of Don Eisele, Emre Guzelsu, David
Orange, and myself. We have been working with the AEG Major Events
Manager, Dan Dineen, on how the to best enhance the Doomtown Event
experience for all of you, the players. First and foremost, we’ve been
working on a website to help tournament organizers promote their events;
a single website, devoted to Doomtown events, searchable by players, to
get the word out on when local throw-downs are about to occur. While
this site is still in development, it leverages previously developed
resources, and I assure you this will be an amazing tool for the

We are excited for major Doomtown tourneys at this
year’s Origins, UK Marshal Event, Gencon, and the 2016 Sheriff Series.
We are planning a fan-based community event series in the spring
coinciding with OP Kit and Deputy Events that appeals to experienced
players as well as greenhorns just now drifting into this here town.
Those jumping over from L5R may recall the Jewel Event series (Topaz
Championships, Emerald Championships, etc), which directly inspire our
current plans for… (NOTE: These are not AEG based Badge Series

Outlaw Series

8 Events will be held worldwide
from the beginning of March to the start of Origins in June to test the
skills of the best gunslingers around. Using Sheriff data gathered in
2015, we’ve identified several regions and reached out to tournament
organizers in that area to host the following events:

The Queens Call Out (UK)
Grand Master Jackelope (Australia)
The Eerie East Championship (South Jersey/Philadephia)
The Great Rail Wars Championship (Knoxville)
The Texas Ranger Championship (Texas)
The Great Maze Championship (Cali)
The Pinkerton Championship (Kansas City)
The Wendigo Championship (Toledo)

these events are fan based, AEG will offer a small nod to the winner
(details to be determined). Our council is still working on the details
of said prize support, but I assure you there will be custom prizes akin
to each event, as well as series-based swag common to all events. We
are working on details that feature carry-over to one or more Gencon
side-events, including vying for the position of Deputy Marshal!