Doomtown Q1 2023 League Videos & Deck Lists

Top 4 games of @Pr0digy from the League linked below.

All league attendees are encouraged to respond with deck lists used from the league in this thread as well.

Finals Video Link

Top 4 game 1 (of 3)
(the next 2 games are linked in the desc of game 1)


Here are a couple of decks I used:

There was also a First Peoples straight flush deck that I played for one game, but I wasn’t happy with it and though it won it was more a case of my opponent’s deck misfiring than it was my deck working.


I played some games, made play errors, tried to bluff my opponents into thinking I had a better hand.
After 26 Matches my record:
Wins: 14
Losses: 12

Main standout decks in my rotation.

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I had a good time!

Gave this one a shot:

I need to find a way to be more aggressive with it.

I also gave this one a try, I think. It’s funny, but not very good.

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I played and tweaked this deck all league (18 matches played, 12 won)
Since some of my favorite law dogs from before WWE, where i used to play Abram’s Crusaders, are gone now, i wanted to see what i can do with Deborah as a worthy successor to Abram. For quite a while i had Thunderboy and Hattie in the starting posse, but economy was a bit weak, so replaced him with Agent P.
Also started Ezrael instead of Agent and Rob for a while. 3 blessed feel really nice with the home but no bullet catcher (only 4 dudes start) felt even more dangerous.

Lost against Doomdog in semi-finals. If you want to watch that match, it starts at 4min here:
Noticed too late what his deck is trying to do and was too timid to contest his economy because of kidnapping in his discard.

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Oops, forgot until just now to publish my deck - found here: Good Stuff Regulators - 1st WWE Online League Winner · DoomtownDB