Doomtown: Reloaded in Jack Vasel Memorial Auction

BoardgameGeek is hosting the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund auction. It helps gamers in need. Todd Rowland and AEG have made to generous donations to the auction.

Everything Doomtown:

(seeking clarifications on including the un-released SB8 and SB9 and the Immovable Object/Unstoppable Force faction pack), but this is a heckuva item.

Name a Dude/Card:

Hunter Shelburne won this last year, and his card will be released soon.
As a story team member, I can say that the team thoroughly enjoyed working with Hunter to create a memorable card (as did design and art teams).

There are very few opportunities for players to ‘put themselves’ in to Doomtown: Reloaded’s Weird Western setting of Gomorra, so it says a lot about Todd and AEG to post this offering.