Doomtown Skype chat and OCTGN Lobby!

We have a skype chat for thrones and it worked out super well for general strategy chatting and organizing OCTGN games with whoever may be around. There didnt seem to be one for Doomtown yet so I created one. Click the link below if you’d like to join in the fun!



I joined! Let’s see some more faces in here.

The link doesn’t work.

I’m assuming you have to have skype already open for it to work. We’ve got people trickling in all day so it definitely works.

If you are having difficulty though please ping me on skype at dennisharrisonjr and I’ll add you personally!

I cannot click on a link, it doesn’t trigger at all. I think you should use hyperlink for it to work properly.

try now!

Correction: my skype name is dennis.harrison.jr

Ok, the link just opens log-in window, after logging in nothing happens.

I’m in! Sitting at work right now so feel free to bug me.

I can’t seem to get the link to work. I have my Skype open, I downloaded the Skype plug in for FIrefox, but when I click on the link, it says that the server was not found. If I right-click on the link, the skype page loads on a new tab, but with no mention of a chat group or anything.

add me then i will add you. dennis.harrison.jr

All you rubes get your asses into the Skype room now! Well triple it in size and have great real time chat going. Ping me at dennis.harrison.jr and I’ll add you directly if you can’t figure it out. Don’t be the only Sloaner left behind (hint hint). Mount up!

Why don’t you post a working link or explain how people can add themselves to the group? I am bit hesitant to join a group that depends on one person tbh.

lol then dont. it doesnt rely on one person, anyone who is in the group can add/remove people. i just happened to be the one that created it, after that the group/room belongs to the community. if you dont want to join then dont, the discussion will go on either way :slight_smile: im sorry that the link doesnt work for you but ive posted 4 times how you can get in if it doesnt work, and if you dont want to follow those instructions and join in the fun for the sake of stubborness then thats on you. i dont know what to tell you that i havent already said sir.

sent you a message @dcdennis

EH, you misunderstood me probably because I didn’t give long enough explanation. I am hesitant to join the group because I believe that non working link might decrease the number of participants in the group, and I already joined 3 FB gropus and this forum, I believe the idea is good, but I am bit worried that it is not going to work out for that simple reason that people won’t be able to join it by themselves. I will send you pm on skype soon, I will support anything that makes playing on OCGTN more popular.