Doomtown tournament in Valencia (Spain) 04.07.2015

Organized by CARTOON CORP EVOLUTION el 4 de julio de 2015.
Address: Avinguda Pío Baroja, 3, 46015 València, España
Sign in time: 17:30 a 17:55
Start time: 18:00
Entry fee: 5 euros
Prizes: Deputy Kit 2015

Every saddlebag published up to this date will be legal. We’ll follow AEG official tournament rules.
More info about the event (which will be held during Cartoon Con where other events will take place, such as NR and Conquest tournaments) on the facebook page Redirecting...

Edit: Translated to English so any tourists in Valencia (and hopefully mplain :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ) can attend


One would think that if you post it on an international forum, then you probably want foreigners to attend. In that case it might make sense to post it in English…

Honestly, I don’t expect foreigners to attend. However, I know some Spanish people write in this forums, so for me it makes sense to write it in spanish and hope they read it here. If need be, I can translate it, no problem whatsoever.

Either way, announcing a tournament one day before is a bit hurried, isn’t it?

Que yo encantado, pero desde Logroño y aun día vista me pilla bastante mal.

Foreigners will definitely not attend if you ignore them.

Once I saw a post in English advertising a Netrunner Regional in Helsinki. I was going on vacation to Finland at that same time, so I went and participated, and it was a very good experience. If that post was written in Finnish I’d surely miss the event.

Barcelona and Valencia are pretty popular among tourists, so someone might show up. Then again, if you’re actually not willing to host the whole event in English for a sole participating foreigner…

Thumbs up to Arto Heinonen, the TO in Helsinki! :smile:

Yes it is :sweat: I thought I had posted it here two weeks ago, then, this morning, I just realized that wasn’t the case. I posted it on the facebook group and on the aeg forums, I hope other people willing to attend have seen the announcement there.
I promise that any new event we organize will be announced in due time and in English :stuck_out_tongue:

And if I have the means to attend, count me in for the next one :wink: