Doomtown Update: Bigger and Better Just Not Yet

Note: this is information as presented at Pinnacle ( My own statement will be made Monday morning in the weekly Epitaph update.

There are several factors involved in the planning and launching of a successful Kickstarter. Having been on that rollercoaster more than a few times already, we speak from experience.

There may be issues regarding shipping, timing concerns, or sometimes little unforeseen things you hadn’t even considered that pop up right when you’re actually putting the campaign together (“…wait, what if we…? Oh, now THAT would be awesome!”).

One of the issues we’re working on right now involves some brand new possibilities with our shipping partners, and thus we need a little more time to look into things and consider a few options. We’ve got players all over the world, and we want to make sure they can all enjoy the many awesome things we have in store.

We also recently found out our friends over at CoolMiniOrNot are launching their new Song of Ice and Fire miniatures game right in the middle of our proposed project. Winter is coming, and we certainly don’t want to risk getting frostbite! :wink:

Finally, we’re really excited about another new idea that came up while we were addressing all this other stuff and we need a little more time to develop it. We think our long-time Doomtown players will definitely appreciate it if we can pull it all together.

We’ll post more here when we can and as always, thanks for your continued support, amigas y amigos!


PBE follow up:

Doomies -

The guys and gals of ​Pinnacle and Pinebox want you to know this is not an indefinite delay. We are working on a bigger and better product and making sure we are offering the best shipping we can. These are things that can NOT be changed once the Kickstarter launches, so we have to get it right and one of our vendors just wasn’t able to get us the proper information in time.

The set is designed, thoroughly playtested, and ready for printing. The delay shouldn’t be longer than a few weeks. Thanks as always for your patience and your passion!


Ah that’s why i couldn’t find anything on kickstarter yesterday.
I’m here to give you money for more Doomtown whenever possible,
sadly missing more friends with good taste to gift Base sets to right now ;D