Doomtown: Weird West Edition in 48 Hours!

In just over 48 hours the Weird West gets a fresh coat of paint! With updated Kung Fu rules, let your friends know Doomtown enters a new edition!



Old Kung Fu mechanics - despite being thematically cool - often had the impact of driving the action to a math halt.

Is Kung Fu a skill now? Still pulling low? Adds to Value? Are Combos gone?


Kung Fu adds to value; is not a skill.

After a dude performs a Tao Technique, attach it to the dude, unbooted.

If, at the start of a shootout play, you have an unbooted Tao Technique attached to a dude, you must boot it and may then attempt to Combo.

To Combo, the dude cannot have more Tao Techniques attached than their Kung Fu rating and the Technique must have a Combo clause, where the conditions are fulfilled.

When Comboing, pick a differently named Technique of the same Tao from your hand or discard and have the dude perform it as your play.

Before making shootout hands, discard all Tao Techniques attached to your dudes.

NOTE: This is not final wording


I see that Smiley’s Shaft art!