Double Rope & Ride

Hi, I’ve got a quick question about R&R:

[I]React: After a dude accepts your callout, but before posses are formed, boot your leader or their attached Horse to move your dude then the mark to an adjacent location that is not your home. Boot the mark.[\i]

Can I play 2 rope & ride to the same trigger? One with the leader’s horse and other with the leader itself?

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Not official, but don’t see why not.

First, you wouldn’t be able to play two of these at the same time, the way you play two Takin’ Ya With Me-s. You need to process the first Rope-n-Ride first, move to another location, then play the second one and move again.

Second, I suspect it might be ruled that after the first Rope-n-Ride the “after a dude accepts your callout” condition is passed and it it too late to react with another R&R. The wording is similar to Pearly’s Palace, but not quite.

Good question.

That’s not really the way reacts work, though. The trigger remains available until all players pass, similar to noon, shootout and resolution plays.

Pearly’s is a special case because its text specifically excludes it from being triggered once a shootout play has been taken. This card would work that way if the text specified, “Then form your posse at the new location,” but because it doesn’t specify timing for posse formation within the structure of the react, it goes:

Call Out
react (rope and ride before posses are formed)
react (rope and ride before posses are formed)
form posses

I was going to say tail between your legs would be different, but I’m not sure if it actually is. It doesn’t necessarily say to form your posses immediately, but only that the mark forms his posse “before [the leader].”

Correct me if I’m wrong:

From the rulebook:
When a player wants to use a React ability, the normal flow of play is paused while all reacts are sorted out . The Winner has the first chance to React, followed by the other players around the table (until everyone passes) . In the cases of jobs and shootouts, the rules dictate who has the first chance to react .

So first the trigger happens

  • winner reacts (i.e: rope and ride)
  • loser reacts, or not
  • winner reacts again as the trigger is still there after reacting.
  • rinse and repeat until everybody passes

More or less like l5r used to be.

Consider that you can react to a react - in this case you can charge the Recursive Motion Machine in response to the first Rope-n-Ride.

In any case, I’ve asked this on the rules forum.

Case closed.