Doyle's Hoyle errata & more

On the facebook group, the rules team said thay could explain the reasoning behind issuing errata to Doyle’s Hoyle, and all the hidden pitfalls and arguments pro and contra. I for one would be very interested to hear that story.

In general, I’d be glad if there was more [official] communication between the developers and the players. WotC and FFG often post articles explaining their decisions on game balance and mechanics, their view on the future of their games and such. I believe there is something similar published on the L5R section of the AEG website, but for Doomtown we only get a weekly short piece of fiction, and that’s it. db0 wrote two good articles about card balance, would love to see more of those, as well as the story team’s thoughts and stories, and the lead designer’s vision of where this game is going.

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What is the errata?

React, Boot: After this dude
makes a pull, discard the pull
to replace it with this card.
Resolution Boot: Discard a card from
your draw hand to replace it with this
card. If the discarded card was a 2,
3 raise your hand rank by one.

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