DriveThru Sale and Custom Creator

Price Drop on Dirty Deeds, 2017-2019 Promos, and Custom Card Creator is all live o DriveThru as we prepare for the new Doomtown Base Set!


Now that the new set is coming, is it worthwhile to get the errata pack?

The errata cards will still be great for playing Old Timer (Legacy format using all the cards) but if you’re looking for Weird West (Standard format of new Base Set plus PBE era cards only), there may only be a few that are of appeal to you.

Once the dust settles on the Kickstarter we’ll be looking to do an update on the DriveThru offerings.

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Old timer format, so yeah, it might be worthwhile… Thanks for the quick answer.
7 days before the KS launch and anxious too see how the solo will work. See u there!