DTDB shot Down?

Got trouble With DTDB today.
Anyone Else experiencing the same problems ?

Yup same thing for me.

It’s back up.

Something weird is going on with dtdb, though. It logged me out yesterday (after it gave me an error trying to access the site) and then wouldn’t accept my password. When I tried to reset my password it never emailed me the reset link. Now I can’t access any of my decks. Sad times.

Weird. It logged me out as well today, but it accepted my password.

Thankfully, platypus51 (the admin) got me all patched up and back in action. Just in time for my first Thursday Night Gunfight of 2016 here in Portland.

Having some DTDB issues today, anyone else? @platypus

Nevermind, seems to be all fine now :smile:

Looks like DTDB is having issues again. I find it kind of funny that the error page returned says to email a person, but the email to send it to is just a placeholder tag =P

Thanks to whomever fixed DTDB!

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