DTDB Troubles

Maybe someone on here can help me and i apologize if this is already been brought up but I can’t view people’s deck lists on dtdb using my iPhone but my buddy who also has the exact same iPhone can view deck lists. What am I doing wrong?

I’m not the guy that runs dtdb but I’ll tell you, it’s a known issue. They have tried fixing it, and havn’t got it figured out yet. The concern seems to be given major awareness but as of yet, still non functioning for Iphone/Ipad.

I think using a different browser might work

What I don’t understand is my buddy has the exact same iPhone and the site works perfect on his phone but not on mine. Also, it works fine on my iPad. None of this makes sense to me…

Are you both running the exact same browser version? There have been recent updates (and by recent I’m talking in the last couple of months I think) to the webkit that Safari and Chrome use for their mobile browsers. It’s caused headache for a lot of developers, including the software development company I work for :smile:

Your friend has an old iOS. He didnt upgrade.
i have The new iOS and with any browser it didnt Work.

Dtdb is work ing on iOS .
Gréât job porticus , you re my hero .