Edinburgh Epitaph

We had 7 brave souls show up for our Epitaph event in Edinburgh, with a nice split of factions (all but Eagle Wardens were represented). We decided to make a day of it and play a round robin, cut slightly short by the demands of some players wanting to get their trains home. So inconsiderate (not really).

The final standings-
Glorious first place - Robert’s Law Dogs (@Harlath)
Dreamcrushed by strength of schedule second place - Steve’s 108 Righteous Bandits (@forkbanger)
Hex-nerfed into third place - Mark’s Fourth Ring (@Ijiasu)
Abandoning the Protection Racket for fourth place - Steph’s Sloane Gang (@Sauronsbeagle)
Cheating to win fifth place - Dave’s Den of Thieves (@Neramoor)
Hydro-punching the air in sixth place - Chris’s Morgan Regulators
Strongest man in the west, supporting everyone upon his mighty shoulders in seventh place Chris’s Oddities of Nature.

Thanks for all coming along and tolerating kung fu, everyone.

If people pm me decklists I’ll add them.


Is the above a great tournament summary or the greatest tournament summary? :wink:

Well done running a fun event in a good venue Steve. :slight_smile:

Also, thumbs up to Pinebox for the excellent promo choices for this tournament. I always knew Dave Gorman’s misprint irritated me, but didn’t realise just how much until I saw the corrected version with his fully studly bullet. The Ivor Hawley art is also an excellent Capstone to the end of the Plague story arc, as I don’t think we had an action shot capturing the final confrontation. Plus the piece striking in its own right.

I got a little lucky here as @forkbanger’s deck lost a train curtailed final round match - if he’d won this he would have deservedly carried the day.

Decklist here: Edinburgh 2017 Epitaph Winner 5-1 · DoomtownDB


Well done to all of ya!

It might be time for the danes to come visit Edinburgh soon?

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You’d be very welcome for any Winter series. I can put two people up in our spare bedroom if needed, the Danes would be worthy successors to an illustrious line of other Doomtown players that have occupied it. :slight_smile:


Very curious to see what all the Racket was about…

I guess its time for me and @Benni to share a bed???

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@Sauronsbeagle has been on Protection Racket for some time, but has cracked and switched to The Sloane Gang.

I blame @Harlath’s steadfast refusal to play deeds, and my insistence on including The Whateley Estate in almost every deck.


There are two singles but you can push them together if you like or try to squeeze your whole gang in to them. I can negotiate with my wife about the couch in the living room…

@forkbanger the Red Diamond cards are a vital part of my draw structure but don’t have any bullets, putting them in to play seems like a bad idea. I foolishly played some against you and all it did was cost me money and give you control points. Never again!


As California Tax Office can discard dudes, does that make it your favourite deed? Or would that be Undertaker?

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These are worthy suggestions and would be among my favourite Red Diamonds. I have a slight preference for the California Tax Office. However I think this is a trick question. My favourite “deed” is Desolation Row. :gun:

This was an unusual tournament for me, I actually built a town in most of my games. I’m going soft.

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I think your optimum strat would be to California Tax Office a dude away, then Plasma Drill the Tax Office, then Regulator the Plasma Driller?

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Yeah - shaking down your own Gomorra Lot Commission over and over again gets old fast. And anyway, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to play with the proper Dave ‘Slim’ Gorman as soon as I could.

The decklist for my low-value hex Sloane Gang averageness is here: The Real Slim Spadey - Edinburgh Epitaph 4th Place · DoomtownDB


Cheers to all who attended, great fun as ever and good to see a real mix of decks/factions/play-styles present.

Went with this creation in the end for a 4-2 3rd place: