Elander Boldman Exp. 1 Question

If I have Elander Boldman XP1 in a shootout for Maggie Harris’s job, along with her, who has a Yagn’s Mechanical Skeleton, can I use Elander on Maggie to let her run her job again, once the shootout clears (assuming she could get unbooted)?

More concisely, does the “can use its ability another time” part of Elander’s ability persist after the shootout.

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Yagn’s makes Maggie a Gadget, so she is a legal target.

She would unboot (and stay unbooted), the same way a dude aced by a Shotgun would stay aced.

She would lose the effect allowing her to use her ability again at the end of the shootout, as the effect is a shootout play and therefore only last until the end of the shootout.

Also, if it’s during Maggie’s job, she’d go home booted if it succeeded- so it’s a regular shootout only scenario.