Elina Georginova Reaction + Corpse Speak or Pull

Agent006 — Today at 1:51 PM The equip action says attachment from hand to a valid target; Corpse Speak is an attachment, with Sorcery trait, and may only attach to your Sorcerer; Would attaching Corpse Speak to Elina Georginova trigger her reaction?

CroyLCM — Today at 1:53 PM Equip action is not a sorcery action, no, equiping a [TRAIT] does not make that action a [TRAIT] Action. in the same way that when you move use stratege to move a character with duelist, you did not make the Act action (of playing stratege) a Duelist Act Action
Agent006 — But Elina works with Pull?
Alazilla — Pull is a Risk right?
Agent006 — yes but pull does not have sorcery action
CroyLCM — Today at 2:03 PM If Elina is targeted by Pull, yes. Pull is a Sorcery. If you pull a character to Elina location, Elina will not trigger, as Elina was not targeted (edited)
Alazilla — Today at 2:04 PM That’s how I read it.
Lapp — Today at 2:05 PM Pull has Sorcery keyword

Agent006 — Today at 2:05 PM So playing an action, that does not say sorcery action, but has the sorcery trait, does trigger Elina’s reaction if you are targeting Elina with the action. But, equipping a Sorcery Trait attachment with the rulebook action (which does target) does not.

CroyLCM — Today at 2:06 PM Yes. Because the “Equip Action” is not a “Sorcery Equip Action”

Agent006 — Today at 2:06 PM Nor is pull, but pointing that out

CroyLCM — Today at 2:06 PM Which is why Elina says “targeted by a Sorcery”. Pull is a Sorcery and it is targeting her the attaching card does not target the character. The Equip Action does the targeting and the Equip Action is not qualified.

TybarSunsong(he/him) — Today at 2:09 PM I think reading this I was having the same thoughts as @Agent006 initially

Agent006 — Today at 2:09 PM ok. I am still weirded out on that one. but that’s the ruling. Just feels off

CroyLCM — Today at 2:09 PM The equip action is doing the targeting. Not the card that is going to be attached
at no point does any attachment that is about to attach to elina target her. the equip action does the targeting
and the equip action is not qualified.

Agent006 — Today at 2:11 PM this is the part that is maybe messing me up. Equip is not qualified, but Pull is. Even though Pull has sorcery trait, but not a sorcerer action:

CroyLCM — Today at 2:12 PM correct, which means if a Sorcerer targets her, she would ALSO not trigger
that is the more interesting note and will make a note to see if we want that interaction for the future

CroyLCM — Today at 2:15 PM (this is a terrible point as its sloppy but may help)
attachments aren’t “real” until they are IN play, that said there could be “City Reaction: When an opposing character would attach a weapon, attach it to your character instead” which would mean that the equip action being taken STILL isn’t a “weapon equip action” but the City Reaction would check for the trait of the currently unreal attachment “on the way in”

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Elina received updated text for the final version going to print.

Elina’s reaction still will not trigger if you use the equip action to attach Corpse Speak. Equipping a sorcery attachment is not performing a Sorcerer ability. Using the action on Corpse Speak is not a Sorcerer qualified ability and also will not trigger Elina’s reaction. If Elina is the performer for Pull, yes, you may trigger Elina’s reaction. If Elina is only the target character of Pull and not the performer, Elina’s reaction may not be triggered.