Elliot Smithson greed

With Foul Play out, I’ve been looking at using [Elliot Smithson][1] [1]: Elliot Smithson · DoomtownDB and [Allie Hensman (Exp.1)][1] [1]: Allie Hensman (Exp.1) · DoomtownDB In a starting crew.
This has caused me some headaches trying to make this work, since this ends up being 9 GR and 2 upkeep for a couple draw dudes and only 2 influence. In order to pull off the job, I’ll need a serious threat as well, so I need a stud or 2.
The lineups I’ve come up with consequently are only 3 or 4 dudes, very low influence, and very low ghost rock left (which I hope to make back from the job). But if I take even 1 casualty, it will likely be elliot to go.
In the end, If my opponent is unable to pay the GR, then they discard the dude, which is often good, but not really enough to show for my investment.

Am I being too greedy try to pull off Allie xp1 + Elliot turn 1? What are your feeling on workability. With the deck I’m trying to refine, it’s important to hit their economy hard early, and keep it down, so I would really hate to just shelve the dudes into the deck.

Here’s my suggestion, forget stud ratings, go for full flush. Like 35 clubs (mostly bullet reduction and cheatin’ punishment). Put some Stud makers in anyway to avoid cheatin’ but don’t rely on it.

Nice idea! The rest of the starting posse that comes to mind is The Fixer, Jake & Aces. Fixer gets you another card to make Aces a stud, and then gets discarded. Aces brings the bullets so he’s likely to be the target of any shootout actions from your opponent and is expendable if things go badly. It does have the problem of not having much GR to spare if your job fails, I’m not sure how you’d remedy that.

Hmmm… Den of Thieves, Start inexperienced Allie, have Fixer and Travis dig for an experienced Allie to play turn 1?

My version was based on Den of Thieves along with Allie xp, Eliott, Rico, Fixer and Willa. Allie and Eliott allow me to aggro to the max. Fixer gives me a good early aggro or sustainability (an early deed, Monte Bank or PHR work wonders to stabilize you) Rico gives me cheap inf and scouting to see what to expect with Allie. Willa allows me to abort if things go horribly wrong or is a cheap casualty otherwise. I don’t particularly care about starting inf since I plan to aggro them ASAP, so 3 inf is fine, but if I see Landslide with Rico, I’ll prolly swap Willa with Jake. If I see a fairly aggro deck with strong shooting starting posse (e.g. Wendy) which my early hand cannot overcome, I’ll prolly abort Allie XP and bring in someone like Clementine instead and play slower until I have a shooting advantage.

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Who are you referring to when you say Willa? I feel like I’m being dense but I just can’t work out who Willa is/is short for?

Oops. I may have spoiled a name too early. You’ll see soon :wink:

Subtle spoilers here only builds anticipation!

Willa sounds interesting - perhaps a way to abandon a job in progress? If so, a useful eject button and maybe even away to maneuver your opponent in to a disadvantageous position.

Looking forward to this saddlebag to find out.

You mean Willa is your pet name for Personal Ornithopter :wink:

Damn I wanna Know who/what is Willa now ! :wink: