Epitaph Series Applications in UK

I’m talking to a couple of London venues about applying to host an Epitaph Series event.
I was just wondering who else in the UK has or is likely to submit an application?


I think Black Lion Games in Edinburgh has applied and provided a couple of dates. We’ll see how many events the UK gets and how they’re spread out geographically.

Glad to hear there’s some potential for a London event too, good luck. :slight_smile:

As far as I’m aware, the Hartlepool and Edinburgh guys have submitted applications.

I don’t know if Peter from Hartlepool uses these forums, but @vadersjester or @forkbanger will be the people to ask for details on Edinburgh events. No idea if Huddersfield have applied or if they’re just doing the European Championship. Can you confirm @scottw?

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It’s highly unlikely that we would be able to put another event on in the limited timeframe available, I will however have some discussions and see what we can do in the north.


Darksphere in London have put in an application for either 23rd or 30th July

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We up in Newcastle are going to put in for the 15th and 30th of July at Travelling Man, and my hope is for the 15th. It looks like we’ll have a few events without overlap, which is pretty awesome.


Grand, lots of potential events on the cards!

I’ll try to put together a posse for Hartlepool or Newcastle if they go ahead, might even make it down to London (work/wife permitting!). It is about 15 years since I was last in Hartlepool (to judge a debating competition, for shame!). We met Hartlepool’s mayor too, at the time he was something of a novelty act as a football mascot turned mayor, but won re-election a couple of times.

Congratulations to Huddersfield on winning their football playoff tonight too. :soccer:


Hartlepool, Newcastle and Edinburgh are all places I can get to without too much trouble, possibly London too though as it’ll be the most expensive of the lot I imagine I’d be relying on getting a lift down with someone. The important thing is more Doomtown! :slight_smile:

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