Epitaph Series Week 5: The Delay

As we enter the final two weeks of Epitaph events, I want to thank each and every one of you for participating in not only playing or hosting these events, but following us on the journey of the continuation of DTR. It has been an absolute pleasure to see people talking about the game again, through sharing their experience at events or kitchen table, asking rules questions, or contacting us with general inquiries. The best thing to hear is that once again we’re gaining new players. I’ve answered emails from Mexico, Romania, Australia, etc, not to mention able to provide worldwide events, even one in Japan next weekend. I’ll be attending the Jenkintown Epitaph this Sunday to help celebrate this renewal series. The final tally for the story prize will be posted August 6th, as we add in the leagues and final events. Please note the Sweden event was cancelled from the main list.

Before I present the events for this coming weekend, I know a few of you have talked to my partners, contacted Pinnacle directly, or expressed your opinions publicly regarding the Kickstarter delay. Positive or negative, you, the community, have every right to express your frustration, optimism, or any other feelings; we share a collective passion for Doomtown, and this is to be expected. I have been going through a range of emotions myself, as it will be one one year in a weeks time that Pine Box officially became a business. When I said last week there would be news regarding the new set, we did not expect the delay, and for that I apologize.What is planned is something bigger than just what PBE produced, and I’m excited to finally see it become a reality. As you may know, Pinnacle provides a weekly newsletter on Tuesdays. I expect one of the missing spoilers I’ve discussed in the initial 24 cards, and it’s no secret there’s more in store if you’ve followed. For example, the Name A Card article from the 2016 Outlaw Series mentioned several card names not in the spoilers :slight_smile: I look forward to following up with all of you at that time.

SciFi City – Knoxville
Landon Sommer
July 29th, 2017
3001 Knoxville Center dr #1270, Knoxville, TN 37924

Traveling Man
Christopher Devlin
July 30th, 2017
43 Grainger St, City Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5JE

Myrtle Beach Games
David Hammond
July 30th, 2017
4050 Socastee Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588

7th Dimension Games
Antonio Calderon
July 30th, 2017
491 York Rd, Jenkintown, PA 19046