Epitaph Theories

So based on the spoilers and name I’m getting an undead themed set with this. So do you think the epitaph is a saddlebag or pine box has either been confirmed?

I hope the ghost train from Rock and Hard Place is in this set or coming up that is such an awesome artwork!

Can we get more ghosts like Ol Howard pretty please?

Why is there a zombie Native American in that Blessing…?

There is a Prof X on a steampunk wheelchair surrounded by a bajillion ghosts… This set strikes me as very gothic :smiley:

I can confirm that there is a train in the set. We hope that you all enjoy it (and its effect).

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On the set name, The Tombstone Epitaph is a newspaper which in the Deadlands RPG is known for its weird and wild reports about magic, monsters, government conspiracies and all that kinda stuff. Most people dismiss their stories as fanciful rumours and outright fabrications, but there might be some truth in some of the stuff they print…


Care to elaborate, good sir?


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Is it the train that Prof. True was working on?? Did the Morgans complete the Morgan Railroad Company!?

I hope it’s that train with a grim reaper on it from rock and hard place.