Errata question

Hi all,

I just started looking through the errata document, and found a minor issue:

Whenever a dude’s bounty is increased or decreased, add or remove a ghost rock counter to that
dude, as appropriate. Bounties on dudes may increase or decrease via card effects, but they
always increase by 1 at these times:
 After posses are formed, all dudes have their bounty increased by 1 if the job or shootout
takes places at a Private location.
 If a dude leaves a posse, and then rejoins, they count as entering the posse and receive a
second bounty if the job or shootout takes place at a Private location owned by an
opposing player.

It looks like the part in bold needs to add the stipulation about ownership of the deed.

Is this the place to put those sorts of comments?

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I would say that since it is part of the errata and not part of the rules it doesn’t change something like that. But yeah I would definitely clarify it.

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Ownership of the deed still matters. It probably didn’t seem necessary to reiterate.

@Rules I have a few other questions too that I’ve posted in a thread over at BGG (Updated FAQ, Rulebook and Floor Rules | Doomtown: Reloaded)

  • Under Adjacency, it reads:

Location in Doomtown is always bidirectional.

Was this intended to be written this way?

Adjacency in Doomtown is always bidirectional.

  • Auto-Revolver:
    While this Auto-Revolver is in a shootout and you are forming a draw hand, when you redraw after discarding at least one card, you may draw one extra card.

This implies that the text
You may equip this Gadget as a Shootout play (pay all costs).

is no longer on this card. Can this be confirmed?

  • I also had the Bounty question posted above so I won’t repeat it, but in a similar vein the React and Trait sections do not mention the separate windows for Replacement (instead) effects that were established with the May 1st errata:

I’m assuming this document does not override the May 1st Replacement window, its text is simply in addition to it. Is this correct?

I cant hit on all of these since I have limited resources right now, but it is safe to infer that all previous rulings are intact until you see a new ruling from us that would override it.

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Yes it was, have you spotted something we haven’t

The card still has the mentioned ability, It appears to be an omission when formatting the document. I will clarify as soon as able

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Thanks for the replies guys.

@scottw I was a little unclear in my question about Adjacency.

I intended to ask this:

The sentence reads “Location in Doomtown is always bidirectional.” Is this a typo? Should it read, “Adjacency in Doomtown is always bidirectional” ?

Thanks for the spot, yes i believe it is a an error on our behalf.

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Wasn’t meant to come across as an omission on the Auto-Revolver; the only text presented in the errata section is text that has been changed, and represented in red. Therefore, any text not explicated in the errata section should be assumed to still be as written. Apologies for the confusion.


Just a heads up to everyone, we will do our best to take all the feedback we have been given and incorporate it as soon as possible.

Please understand it takes some time to go through all the feedback!

Thank you everyone for going over the rules with a fine tooth comb! Getting them pristine will be key to ensuring (and hopefully growing) the success of DTR!

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Some of the errata’d cards in the document have undergone complete wording changes (Doyle’s Hoyle, Concealed Weapons, Hot Lead Flyin’) so it is not unreasonable to assume that the errata wording that appears in the document is the actual errata wording for the card. It is not on us to assume that something that is not there is actually there.

It’s very important to be precise! Sloppiness in templating and wording was a downfall of DTR before it’s collapse.
I believe precision is the reason for a few of the errata’d wordings as well. (Coachwhip!, Bunkhouse, Bad Company, Unprepared)