Excel Deckbuilder

I created a simple deck builder in excel because, well actually I don’t know why. I like to create my decklists in excel and over the time I added some features. The online deckbuilder at Dtdb does an amazing job but I wanted to have something to do in my free time at work and I always liked having the files on my PC. It has by no means all the tools the online one has, but maybe some of you might want to try it out.

The database is currently containing all cards including the ones from IOUF that were spoiled.

The green cells have to be filled out and the orange(?) ones are generated accordingly. The rest is pretty self-explanatory I think. There is an option for a sample hand with a Stud bonus up to 5, unfortunately just the values, not the exact cards. The stats change when starting with Jake Smiley or Gomorra Jail.

The main drawback I see right now is that you have to type the name exactly as it is stated in the database and I have no idea how to implement a word recognition or if that’s even possible. Also some functions do not work in open office or older excel versions.

Feedback is welcomed as this is just my little amateur project. And again, I know this is pretty much obsolete but I put quite some work in it so I thought why not share it.