Expected turn around time for Epitaph Series submissions?

Hi all,

I submitted yesterday, but I wanted to check on how long it took to get the event approved.

I want to give my FLGS as much heads up time as possible. :slight_smile:

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All events are being processed this evening, as today is the deadline for submissions. Everyone will be contacted and list finalized by Saturday.


Thanks for the quick answer!

I hope there are a lot of events to keep up the interest until GenCon. :slight_smile:

Apparently my submission, which I submitted on the first day possible, was lost. I’ll try to resubmit it this evening. However, if I don’t get it in by tonight does that mean my FLGS is off the list?

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@Lapp - can we get Yipe sorted out to at least make sure his app gets into the hopper?

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@Yipe no worries, we understand there were issues on the first day, you’re fine.

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Much appreciated, pardner.

I’ve resubmitted my application so hopefully Portland can host an Epitaph event!