Experience the new guys!

We know it’s coming soon, the Righteous Bandits and Eagle Wardens have built up a pretty sizeable card base now, and with the action heating up in town we’re sure to see some familiar faces.

So, who among them do you want to see get an Experienced version first?

For Eagle Wardens, I’d love to see Laughing Crow or Sarah Meoquanee, just because I love everything I’ve read from Crow and Sarah got some great moments in the early fiction. Otherwise, Mazatl, I dig his flavor :3

As for Bandits, well they’re still not my favorite but like Sarah, I dig Xui Yin Chen from the fictions!

How bout you guys?

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I want to see Bai Yang Chen experience. HOOOO WEEE.

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Experienced Hamshanks! I’d also take an Experienced “Badger”, because he’s awesome.

Xui Yin Chen has seemed like the Bandits’ main character in the fictions, so is the most likely.

For the Wardens, Joseph Dusty Hill!


My favorite Longwei Fu still has potential for growth inside of him.

Maybe an ability that gives him an advantage while he is not at home. So if all things go bad you can call in Experienced Longwei Fu to kick some butt in town.


Michael “The Badger” Dodge, maybe as a mad scientist, especially if we get a melee weapon gadget like that powerfist.

Richard Faulkner. The dude with the longest flavor text, and non existent game text. I’m begging for more about this guy.