Experienced and Harrowed meaning

I’m seeing a lot of people reference Experienced and Harrowed here. What does that mean?

Experienced is a different version of an existing dude that’s usually of a different value and has different, usually more advanced abilities. This will be noted on their card by a bolded keyword like Experienced 1, Experienced 2, etc, with the number indicating their level of experience. As a noon action, you can replace a dude in play with another version one experience level higher or lower for no cost. So you could replace an inexperienced dude with their Experienced 1 counterpart, or swap an Experienced 2 dude for their Experienced 1 version, but you couldn’t go from inexeprienced right to Experienced 2.

Harrowed dudes are essentially undead. The main meaning of this is that when covering a single casualty, they go home booted instead of being discarded, when covering two casualties, they are discarded instead of aced, and they can be aced to cover three casualties.

oh wow where do i get teh experienced version of the cards? are they promos? or were they in the packs and i just didnt notice since im so noob.

They come in the expansions, nothing special needed to get them. It’s a core mechanic from the original game. Here are the ones that have been released so far:

Abram Grothe (Exp.1) Faith and Fear
Allie Hensman (Exp.1) Election Day Slaughter
Avie Cline (Exp.1) No Turning Back
Elander Boldman (Exp.1) No Turning Back
Judge Harry Somerset (Exp.1) No Turning Back
Lane Healey (Exp.1) Faith and Fear
Marion Seville (Exp.1) Frontier Justice
Max Baine (Exp.1) No Turning Back
Micah Ryse (Exp.1) Faith and Fear
Philip Swinford (Exp.1) Election Day Slaughter


can i start with an experienced dude as one of my starter dudes?

Yes. In fact, the experienced Max Baine from the most recent saddlebag has become a popular starter due to his ability decreasing the cost of dudes with a value of 10 or higher.

Also, experienced and non-experienced dudes are considered the same dude for purposes of uniqueness and deck building. So you can have 2 regular Avie Clines and 2 experienced Avie Clines, but not four of each. And if any version goes to Boot Hill, none of the other versions can be played.


updated composite rulebook that’s got all the newer rules from the expansions

Experienced Characters
As the Doomtown story progresses, certain people will evolve and mature by virtue of their
choices and circumstances. These changes will be represented by dudes with the
Experienced X keyword, where X is the experience level of the person. Different versions of
a dude card are all considered one card for purposes of deck-building.
As a Noon play, you can replace your dude card in play with a different version of that dude
from your hand. The new card replaces the old, keeping all goods, spells, tokens, and
markers, and remains under any game effects. The card that was replaced goes to your
discard pile.
You can replace a dude card with another dude card whose experience level is no more than
one greater or lower (non-experienced dudes are considered experience level 0). Thus you
can replace a non‑experienced dude with the Experienced 1 version, and vice versa. You
can replace a given dude no more than once per turn.
Replacing a dude does not trigger “enters play”, “leaves play”, or “discard” effects

Harrowed Dudes
Some poor folk get an evil manitou spirit up inside in their head, and it keeps them walkin’
around when they should be pushin’ up daisies. They’re a mite harder to put down, on
account o’ already being dead.
When a dude with the Harrowed keyword is involved in a shootout, that dude can absorb
more casualties than a normal dude. You can send a Harrowed dude home booted to cover
one of the casualties you take in a shootout. Discarding a Harrowed dude covers two
casualties, and acing a Harrowed dude covers three.
If a Harrowed dude in play gets aced by a card effect (but not through being aced to cover
casualties in a shootout), discard that dude instead of acing them.