Experienced Characters: Twilight Protocol results in Welcome to Deadwood

We’ve seen the new Willa Mae in one of our grifter articles, so it’s time we show you the rest of the characters becoming experienced as a result of the Twilight Protocol events in 2019. Willa joined the rank of the Rangers as a result of the Texas Ranger Badge Event finals between Max Way and Zachary Seldon at ChupaCabraCon in 2019.

John "Aces’’ Radcliffe

A pivotal character in the Eagle Wardens deck piloted by David Winner in the finals of the Agency Badge event against Joe James Meredith, Aces was chosen to join the ranks of the Agency.

“Professor” Duncan

In the same event, players voted on which faction Professor Duncan would join, and thus resulted in him now officially becoming part of the First Peoples. The art depicts events portrayed by Saving Throw WildCards in the live Twilight Protocol fiction.

Clint Ramsey

Through votes at the Texas Ranger Badge Event in 2019, players decided that Clint Ramsey would become a Law Dog.

As organized play plans on resuming after the pandemic, we will continue to host events online in the meantime where players can influence the cards we make and stories we tell. Be on the lookout for the final badge event of 2020 for Marshall, where players will influence the story of Jonah Essex arriving to Deadwood. This event will launch after physical copies of Welcome to Deadwood ship, currently available for preorder.

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