Facebook Login Doesn't Work from forums.pineboxentertainment.com

Whomever is controlling the Facebook URL Redirect needs to add forums.pineboxentertainment.com to the Facebook app whitelisting.

If you change the URL to “community.gomorragazette.com” the Facebook sign-in works.

Edit: Facebook error in question “Warning
URL Blocked: This redirect failed because the redirect URI is not whitelisted in the app’s Client OAuth Settings. Make sure Client and Web OAuth Login are on and add all your app domains as Valid OAuth Redirect URIs.”

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Overlooked that during the shift. I’ll tweak it tonight. Thank you!

Should be resolved.

Hmm, I logged off and did a Ctrl-F5 refresh and still got the redirect errors from the Pinebox URL.

Try now. I just tried myself, seems to be working.

I logged off and retried and it looks like it works. Hopefully that’s the end of it.

closing thread.