Fancy New Hat & 'indirect' abilities

Fancy New Hat
(Trait): Abilities on other players’ cards cannot reduce this dude’s influence.

Is this only in regards to abilities that apply a negative modifier to the dude, such as Rumors.
Will this prevent a dude from being affected by abilities if it would cause their influence to decrease. (Specific example from why this was raised: Blood Moon Brotherhood ability targeting a fancy hatted Karl Oddet)

Personal note: I hope it isn’t the latter. Other wise a fancy hated Prescott Utter would could become a nightmare; abilities that move him, other lawdogs, or eliminate other lawdogs at his location would be abilities that indirectly lower his influence.

Or maybe your explanation will mean I’m wrong in both regards :blush:

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I’ve moved this to rules questions as it looks like a rules question. :slight_smile:

I’ll leave the answer to the rules team.

I think the general question is: does “cannot reduce” include both direct (Rumors to lower influence) and indirect (removing a trait grants influence) means?

Fancy new hat will only stop direct INF reduction. This ruling will be applied to all cards with a similar trait.

Thread now locked, many thanks for the question