Fantasy Flight Games Acquires Legend of the Five Rings

FFG bought L5R and is turning it into an LCG. I’m curious to how they’ll engange that community without stepping up their OP.



No friggin way! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :scream:

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on the organized play I have all but left competitive play I played thrones inn ccg form then lcg. We might complain about wait time release to release ,but it’s isn’t as bad as ffg those boats are crazy slow.

Wow. I had a feeling they were looking into turning it into an ECG/LCG but never expected them to sell it off to another company. If history repeats itself, it may once again be under the AEG banner in the near future.

Wow, that’s kind of a shocker. But given how often they’ve been trying to rebrand the series, it’s not a massive surprise?

Though it’s more surprising to see them sell it off, since they’re already doing an LCG model with Doomtown, not sure why they couldn’t do the same with L5R themselves. Curious to see what other details develop from this story. Hope this doesn’t mean they’ll be jettisoning Doomtown soon too.

Todd has already posted on Facebook that DTR won;t be affected by the sale. It’s staying as an AEG property.

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Yeah - this has more to do with L5R being a collectible property and AEG shifting more towards board games.

Well, that’s a plus, for now. Still, L5R has been AEG’s baby (not to mention their bread and butter) for a long, long time. That they’d sell the property to anyone is really surprising, the brief stint with Wizards of the Coast not withstanding.

Well it makes a little more sense now how they planned to bring the Naga back, at least if they were intending to sell the property. With an LCG model it really doesn’t matter that much how many factions there are, you can choose how your elease support. Though if the Naga end up getting axed, that’ll be a bummer.

Still, i haven’t been invested in the game since they axed the Nezumi. Can’t say i feel that bad if it goes, but I would like it to keep going if it can.

Yeah, I got out when that happened. Axing a whole faction in a game that promotes faction loyalty just didn’t sit right with me. I miss K’mee :mouse:

We’d just got Depths of the Shinomen as our box if I remember rightly, and it was a glorious time for the making of Ratling tokens

No it was the Winter Warrens that got released right when we got axed, our first and only stronghold to start with 4 provinces. Depths of the Shinomen was the one of the Lotus boxes. And yes, it was indeed quite glorious <3

The only CCG I have time for is M:tG. L5R going LCG means I will actually play the game.

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I dabbled in this L5R when Ivory came out, but out community didn’t pick up steam.

Really happy about this. Don’t mean to sound negative, but the only group who plays DT around my area are L5R nuts. About 6 guys in their 40-50s still believe that the CCG model makes sense in the year 2015. They all play DT as a mini-game after L5R.

I’m so happy that FFG bought the game. It will be totally marketed towards young people! Also, the rules will be easier, will feature fabulous new art, better card templates, and a small card pool anyone can get into.

I bet the backwoods scene of L5R guys will move on to DT out of their disgruntled nature. Kind of worried now about DT being too much of a fringe game.


I think the two year Lull between the CCG and LCG will give Doomtown an opportunity to grow as L5R players look for something to fill that gap with.


Two year lull? Is it really going to take that long for the transition? >> That sounds like a great way to just outright kill the brand if they’re not putting out -anything-

Also makes me wonder what the potential is for their other properties, ie, 7th sea and Warlord. I know the company owner would still love to see Warlord brought back, being it was all based on his D&D campaign XD And the LCG model seems like it’d be perfect for it.

If I’m correct, they sold the Warlord IP.

To FF too? Cuz when the game ‘died’ they just licensed it, then watched it get dragged along like the corpse it was for about 2 years. I haven’t heard any news since it’s 2nd death

To Pheonix interactive in like 2008.

Yeah that was just the IP being licensed, and Phoenix did -not- do well with it. I mean, it was just one guy running most of it. As far as I’ve heard the IP has since reverted back to AEG