Favorite game moment (please share)

Being nostalgic, I was going through my old deck lists and saw a very simple deck called studly deputies. Reminded me of one of my favorite DTR moments. Mind you this was mid-early in the releases, so times were a tad more predictable when you knew what values opponent was running.

I had Blakes Ranch, and Whatleys Estate. I was left with just Andreas Andregg (with Winchester Rifle). He had General store, a booted Specks at home, Irving at my Blakes Ranch, and Jacqueline (with a force field and Holy Wheel Gun)

I play cattle market. He takes the bait, booting Irving there and moving Jacq to assist. Andreas starts the shootout, opponent must think I’m desperate, crazy or both. He uses his gun to drop me to one stud. I pass. He pauses, now knowing I needed an unbooted stud dude for resolution. A magic moment happens where he knows, and I know he knows. Point blank. Irving will have to bite it, and I will win even if I have no dudes in play.


Nicely done - I’m a big fan of Point Blank!

I have cherished memories of losing to @Ijiasu after booting lots of my dudes and thinking I’d won a decisive shootout, only for him to draw a deed or two and win that turn on control points.

A painful lesson against over committing that it took me several matches to learn…

Playing against someone in the EU Marshall event where I think he managed several uninterrupted action against me - perhaps a combination of Pearly’s Palace, Morgan Stables and lots of move in to shotgun one of my ancestor spirits and Holster one of my shaman - it was impressive to watch someone pull something like that off!

Any time I’d managed to ace a high grit dude with Soul Blast has been very enjoyable!

Playing against @Doomdog in the EU Marshall and drawing 2x Nicodemus in the opening lowball and getting both aced to “This’ll Hurt in the Morning” - a painful (but well deserved!) opening for a Spirit Fortress deck. It was very amusing!

Playing against (and losing to!) an excellent Horse deck at the 2016 Huddersfield Sheriff event was great fun too. A fine match with more of a control element out of horses relative to other decks I’d seen.

Everytime I managed to kill a dude with a Legendary Holster, and the one or two times it missed against me!


So many cool things have happened in games of Doomtown. I can’t remember them all, but here are a few off the top of my head:

The Turn 1 double Nicodemus This’ll Hurt in the Mornin’ that @Harlath mentioned.

Topdecking a natural Dead Man’s hand with my 108 deck.

Witnessing @Whizzwang’s Steele Archer XP deck pull the perfect opening hand and reduce me to 0 influence in one day without removing any of my dudes.

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I’ve also used This’ll hurt to snipe key dudes - Nic, Steven, etc. Also managed to snipe out a Whateley Family Estate.

But what finally got my meta to respect CRs - a notorious 16x3 Sloane partisan was terrorizing the group with 5oaK ad infinitum. Introduced him to the exquisite pain of Bottom Dealin’ :open_mouth:


Magical distraction in a high value deck, when I’m already ahead. I got greedy, wanted to hit the Js that were spread throughout. Hit the one Ace in the deck.

Lost my whole posse.


Playing Sloane Protection Racket 4, 5, 6s against a low value 108s worldly-slide-type-thingy-m-bob which got a disgusting start: had to try camping on deeds and thus forced an early shootout. Got hit hard by Bottom Dealin’ and lost most of my posse; just enough influence left to not lose. Managed to build back for a few turns playing conservatively until another decisive shootout rolled around. Forget the exact circumstances, but for some reason, I had to risk cheating. Of course, opponent had another Bottom Dealin’. He dealt out the top five cards from his deck only to reveal a legal 4 of a kind! He had been playing it safe (rightly) fearing a Coachwhip, and thus took heavy casualties. Consequently, I squeaked out a win. So much fun!