Favorite Outfit?

Well now we have a far wider selection and more factions to choose from, I’m curious to ask again, what is your favorite outfit?

Of course, you don’t have to pick just one, feel free to go by faction or if you have a couple.

Particularly fond of Beyond the Veil, still loving the Eagle Wardens, I love the concept for the outfit flavorwise and decent mechanics. How bout you guys?

I’ve been obsessed with Desolation Row recently.

Abram’s Crusaders

I play Oddities. It’s my Jam.

I’m fixated on 108 Worldly Desires (more generally on kung fu).

108 Righteous Bandits, both homes are really good, I like their themes, their dudes and their kung fu.

Original Law Dogs and Morgan Stables are neat too :smile:

I guess I have to go with Desolation Row. Just the idea of having your gang ride to town, do a dirty job and get them back with a bounty on their head is awesome. Also it does help that it is quite a good Outfit :slight_smile: .

Gameplay wise I also really enjoy 108 Righteous Bandits (which is one of the strongest Outfits by itself imo) and and Beyond the Veil.

Oh and I have a soft spot for Abram’s Crusaders because of it’s theme.

Gonna say of Den of Thieves, just because its what I’ve been playing the most recently. Deciding “screw it, I’m just gonna cheat like crazy” is tons of fun, though I’m sure my local playgroup will up the amount of Cheatin’ punishment they pack soon.

I’ve been enjoying what gadgetorium is doing. I also like going back to 4 ring, 19 gr and an additional gr and card cycle is still very good. 3rd place is eagle warden for it’s card advantage.

I’m hovering somewhere around Eagle Wardens, Fourth Ring, and Morgan Cattle Co. But I’m still trying out different things too, since you know, LCGs let us have all the cards with minimal fuss.

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Whatever I do, I keep coming back to MCC core and gadgets. Core Law Dogs is a standard as well, just to show people how wrong they are to underestimate them :stuck_out_tongue:


MCC core and Gadgetorium. Preferred clubless but any janky-competible build will do.