First fiction following GenCon Marshall Event


The last hex can only be Soul Blast, than means that the ace of hearts that Slade cast at Arvid is actually an Ace In The Hole?

I’m glad that dude got soul blasted, even though he wasn’t on the list, useless piece of carton :imp:

I thought paralysing Mark personally

I thought Paralysis Mark was cast after the ace of hearts, but probably you’re right, the card image actually depicts a dude restrained with four cards emitting a purple aura = ace of hearts + top three.

Oh and in order for that Soul Blast to steam the guy, Ivor needed a +3 bonus to his huckster skill, so either an earlier version of the Sabre buffed skill instead of value, or that pair of eyes watching from the darkness belonged to Antheia Pansofia :smile:

Ivor has 3 skill on his own :wink:

Need to pull 18 to steam that dude, and joker +3 is only 16!

Obviously he corporeal twisted first

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Or cursed his blood!

Just tell me that ghostly gun is not dead… I have to wait for a piece of fiction where he appears…

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That was really good. Up to this point I’ve felt like both Morgan Cattle Co. and Fourth Ring were too isolated in the story, but this was a really cool way to bring them into the fold. Sort of happy Slavin ate it…

I assume there will be another piece based on the shootout the Law Dogs and Sloane were having when we last saw them in fiction?


Yeah, I expect the next fiction to be the big shootout with the LD and Sloane related death to occur.
Btw it was nice to have Steven in a fiction (and so will it to have Ramiro)!


It was nice that they fleshed him out a little more beyond the two (great) flavour texts we’ve been given for him.


Exactly, I loved to see him fight, being the strong shooter he is in game) and the introduction when he remembers his past (linked to his flavor text).


there is an hex called Card Sharp from the RPG that fits it better.


I meantbafter this one. To know he is not dead (I know he is not! I just want confirmation… please )

Btw: cool website you are linking :slight_smile:
Speaking of which, I wont update boothill section of doomtown archives with ghostly gun… Never!


Wow, that was amazing!
Well done Jim Despaw :smiley:

Lots of character development going on here - I really enjoyed reading about Steven and his previous crusades, learning from his scars that he was most likely a confederate soldier.

Ghostly Gun seems really OP! If after getting blasted with a Winchester repeatedly and then getting point blanked with a silver bullet can’t do him in, how can anyone get him? Perhaps with a Sword of the Spirit charged Evanor attached to a Holly Roller…

And it seems like Ivor is going to bring Slavin “into the family.” I think that we’re going to see an experienced Ricard Salvin at some point!

I wasn’t expecting Richard Slavin to outlive his usefulness to the Circus, but that was quick! I wonder what they’re planning? I do agree it looks like there might be some kind of Experienced abomination Slavin-creature in the works.

Great story!

You’ve got to feel for Lane Healey. It seems whenever he’s about to do his ‘Morgan Security’ thing, a huckster appears and ruins the moment. Will Jia have managed to do a thorough clean up/cover up job, or has the Fourth Ring just attracted too much attention? (That reminds me, we need to see more of Tyxarglenak!)

If the 2nd piece of fiction is anything like the 1st, at least we can rest assured that the soon-to-be-departed will get to do some cool stuff first :slight_smile:


Sad to see Steven go, as he seemed like my kinda dude (even as I was phasing him out of my deck).

That said, that he saved another dude, plugged Lighbody, and got a solid shot on The Ghostly Gun makes me feel better.