First new deck in a long while

I’m looking to build a deck to get back into general play, and here is what I’ve come up with:]

First New Deck In Some Time

Justice In Exile (Blood Moon Rising)

Dude (15)
1x “Thunder Boy” Nabbe (Blood Moon Rising)
1x Andreas Andregg (Base Set)
1x Andrew Burton* (Frontier Justice)
1x Constance Daughtry (Ghost Town)
1x Elmore Rhine (Frontier Justice)
1x Erin Knight (The Showstopper)
1x Father Tolarios (Blood Moon Rising)
1x Hattie DeLorre* (Blood Moon Rising)
1x John “Aces” Radcliffe (Nightmare at Noon)
1x Lucinda “Lucy” Clover* (Base Set)
1x Lucy Clover (Exp.1) (A Grand Entrance)
1x Philip Swinford* (Base Set)
1x Prescott Utter (Base Set)
1x Travis Moone (Base Set)
1x Willa Mae MacGowan (Bad Medicine)

Deed (13)
1x B & B Attorneys (Base Set)
1x Charlie’s Place (Base Set)
1x Flint’s Amusements (Nightmare at Noon)
1x Market Street (Ghost Town)
1x Morgan Mining Company (The Light Shineth)
1x Nickel Night Inn (Blood Moon Rising)
1x Notary Public (Ghost Town)
1x Pearly’s Palace (Base Set)
1x Shane & Graves Security (Frontier Justice)
1x Stagecoach Office (Base Set)
1x The Extra Bet (The Light Shineth)
1x The Place (Bad Medicine)
1x Town Council (New Town, New Rules)

Goods (12)
2x Legal Instruments (Frontier Justice)
2x Mountain Lion Friend (Ghost Town)
2x Mustang (Base Set)
2x Pearl-Handled Revolver (Base Set)
2x Whiskey Flask (Base Set)
2x Winchester Model 1873 (Frontier Justice)

Action (12)
3x Coachwhip! (Base Set)
4x Faster on the Draw (Faith and Fear)
1x Fiddle Game (Ghost Town)
1x Lighting The Fuse (A Grand Entrance)
2x Pistol Whip (Base Set)
1x We Got Beef! (Blood Moon Rising)

52 cards with printed value (required 52)
Cards up to Blood Moon Rising

Deck built on

It really seems to be missing a starting stud, but I’m not sure where to go from there.

Any suggestions?


Ideas below! :slight_smile:

  • Start Tommy Harden and Thunder Boy to give you one natural stud and Thunder Boy can become a huge stud if you’re defending your home or one of your private deeds? You’ve got Andrew Burton to make opposing dudes wanted - pick their stud and then Thunder Boy will almost always be a stud. Notary Public can make over dudes wanted later in the game. I’d start Thunder Boy over Lucky Clover. I prefer the core Law Dogs home as it makes it easy to throw out bounties and have Thunder Boy be a reliable stud, but it is fun to try out new homes.
  • Perhaps splash in a few ways to force a callout or jobs?
  • I’d drop the various blessed dudes (Father Tolarios, Erin Knight) as you don’t have any miracles.

You definitely want to be starting Thunder Boy. He’s crazy good.


Took your suggestions. Let me know.

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Lol, the edit function is weird…

Cheers. Sometimes you need to clear your cache on and its .fr equivalent to get updates to display properly.

What are you keen on doing here, are there particular dudes/homes etc you’re keen on making work and enjoy?

I prefer this version, as it has a quasi starting stud. I’d be tempted to start Tommy Harden too, perhaps in place of Hattie (who is excellent). Then I’ll be able to offer more advice on the cards you’re most enthusiastic about.

  • I like that you have some off value cards, it helps win lowball.
  • I’d drop Lucy Clover if you’re not starting her.
  • Mortimer Parsons may well be worth including on 6S - you don’t need his Mad Science 0, but he’s an efficiently priced two stud two influence dude.

Personally, I favour the core LD home and the dudes below:

  • Thunder Boy, Hattie, Tommy Harden, Philip Swinford (was Rico pre errata) and Willa Mae McGregor.
  • 3 Starting GR (core home has more rock!), 2 net income.
  • Gives two studs (effectively, as it is easy to make people wanted with core LD to boost Thunder Boy), 5 influence and a bullet catcher.

I cut Lucy and John for Mortimer and Tommy. I had willa mae in for a while but I don’t know what to cut for her.

Maybe start Tommy instead of Phil, drop Phil for Will Mae McGregor.

  • Gives you a true starting stud.
  • Still leaves you enough GR to buy all your starting deeds (bar one) after T1 upkeep even if you lose lowball.
  • Marginally improves your draw structure by adding another 6. :slight_smile:



Uh, I meant to drop Phil like he’s hot? No, wait. That’s not any better…


You meant drop Phil because he’s da bomb? Noone’s going to want to cheat once they’ve seen his mad card cycling skills!


Current version looks solid to me (always pro adding Tommy Harden), please let us know how any testing goes. :slight_smile:

Minor worry: you’ll struggle to make people wanted (after using Andrew Burton) if they’re playing slide or 108 Worldly and can therefore avoid cheatin’. This will effectively halve the number of jobs you’ve got to hunt dudes with, which will be felt particularly keenly against slide. This is one reason I prefer the original home, but I think it’s well worth trying the new home out and its economy boost, acing effect and making dudes wanted without needing to boot may prove effective against stacked shooting decks.

You’ve got lots of ways of making people studs in your actions and goods, should help give a broad range of affordable shooters.

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