[FJ] Saint Wendy (8/10/Q)


Here is a deck I’m modifying post-FJ. The primary purpose of the deck is to abuse the Jail mechanic while simultaneously using some of the better Miracle support cards.

Specifically the Bounty Hunters should be the primary source of aggression with this deck, though obviously Kidnappin’ and general bullying can exist too.

Some combos present to abuse the Jail are:
1.) BH + LOH + TYWM (yes this works)
2.) Kidnappin’ + Wendy or FotL (Burton can start the job and then Walk the Path Wendy in to whip out the target)

After that the idea is to just use support effects like Soothe and Walk the Path to gain some movement advantage around the town while the BHers do the dirty work. My original concept used Inbody over Burton in the start, but I like the option to have Burton start my Kidnappin’ jobs to WtP in Wendy. With 2 bullets he’s also a reasonable body for TYWM, though without another Blessed in the start that’s more of just a fallback.



I like this deck I am going to give it a try .

I posted this comment on dtdb, but now I’m thinking that the forum is a better place to have a discussion, so I’ll duplicate it here as well.

I have a deck that runs Miracles and starts Andrew Burton as the only Blessed. I do not honestly like that setup. Andrew, a 0-influence 2-bullets-for-the-Takin’ dude, is the first one to go down in a shootout due to a random casualty, and that usually leaves me with a hand full of miracles and not enough cash/time to hire a new blessed. And I’m only running Walk the Path and Shield of Faith, but you have a bigger problem with Lay On Hands and Soothe requiring to boot the blessed. I believe this really restricts your mobility, having to make sure that both Wendy and Andrew have to be in the shootout unbooted. Casting Walk the Path to bring in Wendy is good, but risky if it’s your main strategy, as the opponent might respond with Pistol Whip or Unprepared - unfortunately, unlike Shadow Walk, the miracle doesn’t let you make an immediate follow-up shootout play. Also, using the BH + LOH + TYWM combo is really tricky as you need your blessed to boot in a location adjacent to the shootout - that would be the town square if you want to attack people at their home or deeds. Overall, I like Rev. Perry Inbody more as the primary spellcaster because he can unboot Wendy, unboot a dude after Lay On Hands, and his 0 bullets give me less incentive to make him participate in shootouts :wink:

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Well WtP would unboot Wendy, so you don’t really need to keep her unbooted. However, I do think this the rest of your comments are a fair analysis. I think I’ll need to run the deck few times each with Burton and with Inbody in the start to see which I prefer.

However, the way I look at it is that Inbody doesn’t really give you anything that the deck needs that Burton doesn’t. He’s just less of a personal “trap” because you don’t feel inclined to risk him as much being a full-on support character. That’s something that can be played around though as I would have full control over that decision. It’s not an inherent weakness in one card over the other.

Another way to go is to replace Unprepared with Recruitment Drive in order to capitalize on Wendy, then Rev.Inbody becomes all the more important. I have a deck like this, LD Deedslide, but it doesn’t revolve around abusing the Jail. I honestly have never been able to get more than two extra CPs on it. You?

I had considered going 2x of each at one point, specifically to help ensure I get another blessed in play. I honestly hadn’t even though about using it in conjunction with Inbody, that’s pretty darn solid.

I’m not sure if I’d want to drop the Unprepared completely, it’s just that good. And with using an A-value BH as your primary aggro I feel it may be more necessary to get around Shotguns/Soul Blasts and the like which may be out there and ruining your day.

** sees 5C Ol’ Fashioned Hangin’ previewed **

** throws this deck in the trash to startover **