Foul Play Fiction: Mary Quite Contrary (Some Spoilers)

So, I just picked up the Foul Play expansion and read through the lovely fiction entry. Within, local Sloane Gang Casanova Pancho Castillo is wooing some lady named “Mary”. It’s not necessarily the focus of the story but I found it interesting none the less.

Anyway, a few hours later I’m on the deckbuilding site and the thought strikes me to do a search on the word “Mary” to see if I can figure out who his date actually was…

And according to the search, there is but one “Mary” in Doomtown at this time…Sister Mary Gideon!

That suddenly puts the character (and the fic) in a WHOLE new light, and I have to wonder. Was this intentional? Or did the author pull a random name out of a hat and was just unlucky?


“Mary” is a religious name for nuns, taken when they take their vows. It was common to nearly ALL such orders at the time. It is more like a title than a name.

So “Mary” isn’t even Sister Mary Gideon’s real name … and anyone talking to her would likely not simply call her “Mary” because that’s not a proper use of the title. They’d likely just call her “Sister” or use her full title and religious name.

Nice try though. :wink:

In the back of my head I recall that particular fact…but the amusement factor was too great.

I think I’ve been reading too much fanfiction :disappointed:

Hey, if preachers are willing to break sanctuary and the seal of the confession , enabling a fascistic police force to perform a kangaroo court trial and execution, what’s so shocking to hear a nun had a little dalliance with the smooth talking spaniard.

Maybe she’s on a mission from God, and Pancho was actually her honeypot.


I don’t see why it couldn’t be the same Mary.
Maybe she wants to keep it a secret that she’s a nun. If I was sneaking out of the parish at night I sure as hell wouldn’t be advertising that I was a nun.
Not that I’ve done that before…

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I’m not sure why this is so hard for everyone to remember, but, the story about Lawrence Blackwood made it explicitly clear that neither Lawrence, nor the pastor (NOT a priest), expected Lawrence’s confessional to be held in confidence.

They BOTH expected the pastor to turn him in after the confessional. It was what Lawrence WANTED to happen.