Foul Play Saddlebag spoilers caution

Foul Play spoiler on Roku Mart. Looks like they got some early release from BGGCon.


Man, this spoiler thing is getting out of hand and spoling the fun of the spoilers. I mean, I prefer the constant dripping of previews and cards. It’s better for discussing in forums, specially this one which after previews is deserted.


I agree 100 percent. Distributers need to stop dropping the ball this game and thrones. While this isn’t as bad as thrones by a long shot.

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I like having spoilers. I only ever pick up new packs on the night I go to play my LCG’s. I like to know the cards in a pack ahead of time to have a deck ready to put the new cards into, rather than have to wait another week to play with them.

I like having the info of the set just after the release date like the next man, but all this info on new cards leaves the discussion topics barren for huge periods of time, and that’s a shame. As I don’t have a regular chance to enjoy the game, I’d like to have a regular chance to discuss about it.


I like opening a Saddlebag and still be suprised by the cards, but my curiosity has ruined that for me many times.

But I honestly think this kind of blacked out text is a nice way to let people speculate and still care for the weekly AEG and other spoilers. I am stoked just to see what deeds and dudes are coming and which value they have. I didn’t necessarily need the bullet and influence, but not knowing what the card actually says is enough for me to still be interessted.

Will the Sloane dude be a new grifter? That 4th Ring thing looks awesome, I hope he does something powerful. A new Q horse, how will this change my Stables deck? Righteous Fury sounds like it will smash a lot of foes with godly might, also a 7 value blessed? That’s really nice. That Ace Deed looks like grifter support, my Den of Thieves deck runs Aces, oh boy this is gonna be good.

A lot to speculate about, this just fueled my interest instead of satisfying it :slight_smile: .


Actually, Chef, you can find all the answers there if you really want to… they’re not blacked out if you click through.

damnit I wish you didn’t tell me…

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Is it ok if we discuss the cards in this thread or should we wait until AEG spoils them officially?

I mean they are out in the open. I will relabel the thread to point to spoilers. If @alex wants to lock the thread then it up to him.

Cat’s out of the bag, and officially it seems. You can discuss freely as far as I’m concerned.

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I would have prefer a one by one calendar… But now , Its done and i cant wait for many many thread on every new card.

Just the other day I was thinking “it’d be cool if we got a new high value horse, and Q needs a better range of goods…”. What do I find is in the next saddlebag? :smile:

I’ve looked at the pictures, but I’m trying to resist reading the full cards. I haven’t had much chance to play with the cards in Dirty Deeds yet!

oof, and Bad Medicine doesn’t come out til February according to the AEG site, so this looks like it could be a fairly lengthy little content drought. Still, there’ll be fictions.

Looks like a decent little set. Not too much flavor wise that’s exciting, though Zemo’s is an -awesome- throwback to classic (also an amazing Back to the Future Reference XD). Some very neat characters, also notice Sloane have 2 like the Wardens and the 108 this go around. Will be nice to see the original 4 get back to getting more than 1 dude a set once the Wardens and 108 get more caught up. It’s not terrible, mind, but like it feels a little bottle capped, particularly for like Law Dogs. Really digging that Blessed are finally getting so much love but I think we need to start seeing a lil more love to the older outfits (granted, Blessed fit fine for Arsenal, but Arsenal also works for Mads) and that’s a little hard to do with 1 dude a saddlebag.

That said, very solid characters. Tattooed Man is kiiind of ridiculous. Roride another Blessed with good influence and a stud. Pretty fond of Dusty Hill too, if for nothing else but the art XD

Decent lil set, don’t think I’ll be charging out to snatch it up ASAP though. I mean, official release date isn’t for another 4 weeks anyhow

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We here at the gazette have content coming so the dry spell won’t be that bad. I am slowly getting back in the saddle along with fellow gun slingers we got ya’ll covered. Check the front page david lapps has a wonderful read btw.

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Well if the primary concern from everyone is the discussion dying down, why don’t we take turns calling out a card from the pack and discussing it?

I think the new Law Dogs dude is fucking amazing. This is exactly the dude and stats I’ve been waiting for. 2 influence, Blessed 1 (not zero, FINALLY), the fact that he’s a stud is just icing on the cake, 5/1 cost seems appropriate for all of that… And then his Noon ability is so good. Confession is one of my favourite Miracles, and the fact that he has a mini-Confession built into him is so cool.

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On board with the card discussion.

The blessed dude might be the best or at least most useful card in pack. Decent value for miracles that just lacked good dudes up until now. Or you try the confession, furious speech or what it is called thing. Which I definitly will. Very nice addition.

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Just to chime in, yeah i also find it kinda sad, when a bunch of stuff is spoiled at once. I also think more and constant quality discussion could be had with constant dripples…

Also, what? I’m still waiting to find time to get Dirty Deeds from my gameshop and the next pack is already full known. Maybe i’m crazy to wait to get the real cards and unpack them to enjoy getting to know them, but i’m trying to only read official single spoilers until then, seems more fun that way right now ^^

Oh well, keep the forum active, i’ll read everything when i receive my pack :smile:

Oh yeah! I totally forgot about that one. Fiery Rhetoric.

Another idea is being able to use Ol’ Fashioned Hanging very quickly. Start him alongside Andrew Barton, they’ll have a 2-bounty dude in no time.

As Morgan player Lucky sky borne makes my hearth beat.
Its so awasome to put a mutant Cattle on board at starting.
But at The same Time this new horses is a joke…

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