Free Music for Doomtown Projects, Videos, and Podcasts

Hello All: I’ve watched some Doomtown matches and other well put together material on youtube and I wanted to offer some free resources that might help out these content creators.

As background, I’m a composer who has composed music used in TV shows, including the Showtime series Shameless, along with PS4, Xbox one and other videos games. In the last year, I also got into playing Doomtown.

While I’ve rarely worked on Western themed projects, I have a few songs in my catalogue that might be useful to Doomtown content creators and I wanted to offer them totally free, to the extent someone creating Doomtown content might find them useful. So without further ado, here are three free to use instrumental tracks:

Western theme I composed for a 48 game jam for a western bartender game:

Combat loop I composed for a turn based video game that had a “native people” setting. Might work well for First Peoples:

Tensive ambient loop I composed for the same video game that had a “native people” setting:

Hopefully some folks find the above useful and it helps them avoid the hassle of paying for background music.


This is awesome! When we record matches next at GenghisCon I’ll see if we can get some more of the tech savvy players involved in editing them with the music :cowboy_hat_face: