French translation

The game is about to be translated in french! I hope it’ll help the game pick up in french appeal ng countries and that it’ll help set the example for other translations!


Wow nice!
I really love the english texts, but my (german) boardgame shop always tells me that he can’t sell english products, so he won’t stock it…

My take on this kind of game, I’d rather have it in original language, but it is good to develop the game locally (though now, I moved to spain, were they waiting for me to leave to trnslate it?)

So, now precedance is there, any editor to translate it in castellano?


\o/ French meta

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This sure are good news and will help the game grow in France, but for many games I played the german translations were attrocious and often downright wrong. I hope the french team is more capable.


We had L5R translated into spanish for a couple of cicles, then they returned to english. L5R had lots of players, not like DT (but it was a CCG, not LCG, which has less cards to translate), so my guess is, not coming in spanish ):

The oportunity was missed after the release, I doubt any existing player would change to translated product having so many cards in English now. New players will be disencouraged to buy translated product by the veteran ones and those veteran players will demand their stores op kits in english as they’re more profitable in the secondary market.
Long story short, I believe a translated version now would be a bad idea, at least in Spain.

A translation since IOUF and on won’t be that bad, you have 2 playable outfits, and the rest of the previous collection in english if you want. But no company is going to spend money in an obscure game (at least here) with so little playerbase.

Probably a dumb question ,but with the translation from english to another language are there grammar errors that make cards act differently than they should. I remember the translation in thrones was a little off at the start and if I remember correctly it was french. I could be wrong thou.

Great news! I hope they are able to keep the game the same.
I can see translation interpretations changing the way the cards work, especially if the FAQ and the rulings aren’t translated as well.

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Now if they’ll do italian, just so I can spaghetti western harder.

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If they translate it into italian I would buy it, and italian is not my native tongue, but everything is funnier in italian.


I’m really clueless what they could use as “boot/ed” or even “dude” in german, that doesn’t sound utterly boring or doesn’t make sense thematically/mechanically ^^"

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