Frontier Justice card by card Review

A little late from the the general release, however the UK finally has Frontier Justice so here’s the Dan Ramble:


Just wanted to point out that Fancy New Hat won’t block Hustings. It only blocks abilities and Hustings’ is a trait.

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Shield of Faith also stops casualties when winning, so it will stop Hot Lead Flying and (Double) Takin’ Ya With Me.


Interesting, I didn’t notice that. I wonder if this is intentional? Otherwise it could’ve been worded simply as “except as a casualty or due to…”.

Shield of Faith
Shootout Miracle 7, Boot: Dudes cannot be aced or discarded during this shootout, except as a casualty for losing the round or due to its owner’s card abilities or traits. Reduce your casualties this round by 1.

It’s intentional. Shield of Faith is there to block everything except honest-to-god casualties for losing fair and square. 'Cause that’s the the Blessed roll!

(More specifically, this is there to prevent abuse by using SoF and playing your own lose2win cards :wink: )

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Oooooooooh!! Smaaart!

Heh, so it is.

It also won’t block Incubation since that is ALSO a trait :wink:

I’m blaming the late hour. Lightworks and I had a falling out and I had to reshoot twice.