Frontier justice thoughts

So I got my saddlebag in today and I looked at all my decks and realized I now have a new law dog, sloane, and 4th ring. Favorite card out of pack is Andrew Burton. What’s the communities favorites and what decks do u plan to build.

New Hats and Winchesters. Simple but powerful!

How could it not be Andrew Burton with art like this?!

In all seriousness. Funtime Freddy. For obvious reasons.

Funtime Freddy because he’s just SO good at so many things.

J W Byrne… :wink:

Legal Instruments is also bonkers good.

Gomorroa Jail! It’s such a nice Boon for an aggressive Law Dog deck, and so easy to slot in.

So good when combined with Burton from the start.

I love all the wanted tech for Law Dogs with this expansion.
I played with Legal Instruments and Philip became a warrant issuing machine. The new grifter can place a bounty on high influence dudes right away, and the Jail goes to work.

I think JW is a great card, and I can’t wait to play around with Rope and Ride.

So you know what Andrew Burton is great with, faster on the draw. 2 bullet deputy suddenly becomes a 3 stud, and he is a good target for holy roller.