Full Errata List Reprinted

Cards that have errata and where to find them:

Bunkhouse: Foul Play
Coachwhip!: Dirty Deeds (also a promo in one of the AEG organized play kits)
Concealed Weapons: No Turning Back
Unprepared: Frontier Justice (also a promo in TCaR and a kit)
Bad Company: Nightmare at Noon
Doyle’s Hoyle: Bad Medicine

Included in There Comes A Reckoning (see promo list for other ways to obtain)
Auto Revolver
Paralysis Mark
Henry Moran
Nathan Shane
No Turning Back
Ivor Hawley XP

We are working on making a pack available to obtain other errata. Hot Lead Flyin and Nicodemus Whateley has not been released. Rico Rodegain and Morgan Cattle Company were released as promos.


Thanks, I knew I forgot something :cowboy_hat_face: