Full Moon + Adlers Needle

Does Adlers Needle count as moving a dude via card effects? It is not specifically moving a dude, but rather giving the opponent the option for them to join the posse, so I could see this being argued either way.

Relevant text:

Full Moon Brotherhood:
“That dude loses all traits, cannot move via card effects, and cannot refuse callouts.”

Adler’s Needle:
“Shootout, Boot: Choose an opposing dude at this or an adjacent location not in the shootout. That dude’s controller may have that dude join their posse.”

The Needle is covered by the rulebook, top of p. 21: “A dude can’t join a posse if there are restrictions that prevent him from moving to the mark’s location.” Note this is something Buffalo Rifle let’s you break.

Consistent with the Grim Servant of Death and Full Moon Brotherhood ruling, joining the posse is prevented in this case.


As a follow up, the Dude can join if already at the same location and would not actually move.